UPDATE 3.0.9:

-Operation Photon Whirlwind was added to the game and will be launched soon, the in-game timer will let you know a few days in advance before the start. Make your heroes overpowered!
-Bug fixes and general optimizations.

For those who missed the latest major update:
-New impressive feature added to the game - HEROES with their own ranks, levels and equipment. Heroes can defend your base and participate in attacks.

● Use mouse and follow in-game tutorial to understand how to play the game.

● Build your base, think of smart positioning of defenders.
● Attack other bases, think of breaking through their defense.
● Enjoy cool music and outstanding graphics.

● Free to play massively multiplayer strategy game
● Leagues and Tournaments
● Stunning 3D art and visual effects
● 20+ buildings to construct and upgrade as you transform your small outpost into a mighty planetary fortress
● Recruit an army of Space Marines, Rocket Troopers, Giant Mechs, and Battle Cruisers. Each of the 8 units have unique attack abilities and multiple upgrades.
● Create Corporations with other players
● Intense battles in clan wars


● Make sure, that JavaScript is up to date and enabled in browser.
● Try reloading the page, clearing browser cache.
● Don't change tabs, browser disconnects inactive tabs.
● Make sure that WebGL support enabled in browser.


Players with the issue "WebGL not supported" should try the following:

1.Open chrome
2.Go to chrome://flags
3.Enable "override software rendering list"

This will only work if your videocard supports WebGL.

Also available on

Development log


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woah, this game is dumbasss. It is so fucking laggy after more tower. XD Welp, fuck this shit game. (213800@wcusd.net)

My name on the game is Alexpenal1978,. My level is 7. I guess my Corp is SICLON (Venezuela flag). After the last update I lost my account immediately after I updated everything on the game. I would like to have my account back please to continue playing

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My base is level 304-305. The name is 666-ELMO-666. I had this base somehow it got off my device. Energy generators were around level 13 level 14. Titanium storages as well as titanium mines were around the same level defenses were around level 15. I don't believe it to be linked to my account. But if you find something out, let me know at noah.mansfield@k12lcps.org. I had 346,000 crystals! As well a space base with 25,000 Antimatter. Please help me. I need my account back !!!

My account was linked to maxrfehlberg@gmail.com

I lost my account

I was max the pro I was level 10 I had a level 2 HQ in the middle of upgrading. I had 2 energy mines and 2 titanium mines, both level 4 I had around 70 gems. I had level 2 or 3 energy storage and level 2 or 3 titanium storage. I was first in the iron league with 100 points. Please get me my account back, I worked really hard on it.

nooooooooo why its downloading

my baseeeeeeee

Ho, como recupero mi cuenta, mi nombre era Asdrubal, era posición 55, soy de nicaragua, espero respuestas

Hello, I had a level 15 account and now i cant get it back whenever i try to go back in the game it restarts my entire game from the begging and i dont want to start all the way from the begging. So plz recover my account my name was Adrider6523.

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my game has restrestarted im at level 8 my name was DJ i had about 10,000 crystals that i bought so i really need my game back my account is Devjen07

hola a mi no me paga los modulos que gano!! nunca puedo mejorar... gracias por su ayuda

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The game doesn't start....keep telling to update the game but no update îs available in Google play. My account îs RomeoAurelian, the corporation name îs Astrodio, account level 70 or 80 (not sure). My account îs linked to romeoharabagiu1977@gmail.com. Thanks. Please respond.

Hi, Google Play version is still on review by Google moderators, we are in contact with them to release it asap. Meanwhile you can play on any other platform. 
Please do not share your private info publicly, instead use email to contact us privately.

por favor respondan algo

Perdi Mi Cuenta de varios  meses de creada ... Nivel 79 ..... les he enviado varios Correos y no me responden ..... llevo casi 50 dias esperando su respuesta

perdi mi cuenta de meses de creada...nivel 79.....les he enviado tres correos y no me responden.....llevo 8 dias esperando

hi friends

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cannot check the box to agree to all 3 tabs, and am missing out on the event... the check box just wont check, what should I do? [the I agree to the terms of service check box]

hello since today i can only attack with one champion but i have 3 what is the problem please?

my account is 1labelle3 .Solve the problem please i loose lot of ressources cause of that.

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 aun no puedo recuperar x favor ayuden no me llega ningún clave,  o sino dime si no se puede recuperar para dejarlo, lo quiero x q es el presidente de esa corporación. 

Hola quiero recuperar una cuenta ayuden xfavor Al aire libre

Hi, Pedro, please use support form in game header. 
We will ask some question to confirm that you are the owner of the account and provide you a code for restoring.

Al aire libre disculpe me podría especificar donde encuentro el formulario en el juego principal o en otros 

Deleted 223 days ago
Deleted 223 days ago


My account lost.

The username is RST Misty Hands.

Level 27

Corporation is ©iNDY©@TE

Pls help me

Please use contact form in game header. We will need to ask some details that only you know, to help you.


Trash hidden in the free games category. Pay to win as-well!?  You're worse than EA.

how to do join corporation??? 

Please talk anyone 

you make a corporation hq. find it in the army section of the shop. then press on your profile and press join corp

You can suggest yourself to board and if a corporation manager is interested - he will invite you. I also suggest that you as well recommend yourself in chat, as an active player - to get higher chances of being recruited.


I want to buy your special offer but i can't ...what happened i dont know. Please look ...

Hi, can you tell your base name, corporation, country, level. And the offer that didn't work for you.

i have bought 10000 crystals and i didnt recieve them

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my account youssefemadeg@gmail.com

my name Tjtheblackgeneral

my corporation POWER EGYPT

Hi Tjtheblackgeneral,

Please send us transaction details / reports you have received from the payment system. We will check.

It didn't say anything but my money got lost for nothing

it only said purchase successful but i didnt get my crystals now i want my crystals

oh and i had 27981 antimatter and in a sec i started losing the one by one and it didnt give me module or anything so please i need them and i need the 10k crystals so please respond

In your account I see attempts to hack the game. That's why we need a validation, that you made a valid purchase. If you didn't receive receipt - you should contact payment gateway support to give it to you. Than, send us that receipt, we will validate it and add crystals to your account, if we confirm the fact of purchase.

my account gembelsugeh223@gmail.com

My base gembelsugeh182 level 96

My corporation black empire

Hi, Gembel

I can't post a code here, cause anyone will use it and take your base. Please send a private message via support form in header.

advertisement not really lost it...

I'm not sure what's lost from your post - but if lost account - send info via support form:
-Your base name, level, corporation and we will restore it for you.

my account gembelsugeh223@gmail.com

My base gembelsugeh182 level 96

My corporation black empire

iklanya sekarang kok hilang ya...

Please comment in English

In order to apologize for the 3 days of technical issues, we are going to do the following:

- All the players who lost their daily rewards during the days of technical issues, will have them restored from the day of loss;

- All corporations who finished 2nd in corporate wars will receive the reward for 1st place too;

- Each player will be granted 100 crystals and 100 antimatter from the dev team.

We are truly sorry and thank you for understanding!


I want to recover my base witch I gave to someone for a few monts. 

I have spent about 600£ in that account and also had a monthly psyment for it.

My e-mail is macau.alexandru@gmail.com

Nickname is ExTTaz LEVEL 121


I Have built and payd for that base from the United Kingdom. Using MY CREDIT CARD



Thank you