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Trash hidden in the free games category. Pay to win as-well!?  You're worse than EA.

how to do join corporation??? 

Please talk anyone 

You can suggest yourself to board and if a corporation manager is interested - he will invite you. I also suggest that you as well recommend yourself in chat, as an active player - to get higher chances of being recruited.


I want to buy your special offer but i can't ...what happened i dont know. Please look ...

Hi, can you tell your base name, corporation, country, level. And the offer that didn't work for you.

i have bought 10000 crystals and i didnt recieve them

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my account

my name Tjtheblackgeneral

my corporation POWER EGYPT

Hi Tjtheblackgeneral,

Please send us transaction details / reports you have received from the payment system. We will check.

It didn't say anything but my money got lost for nothing

it only said purchase successful but i didnt get my crystals now i want my crystals

oh and i had 27981 antimatter and in a sec i started losing the one by one and it didnt give me module or anything so please i need them and i need the 10k crystals so please respond

In your account I see attempts to hack the game. That's why we need a validation, that you made a valid purchase. If you didn't receive receipt - you should contact payment gateway support to give it to you. Than, send us that receipt, we will validate it and add crystals to your account, if we confirm the fact of purchase.

my account

My base gembelsugeh182 level 96

My corporation black empire

Hi, Gembel

I can't post a code here, cause anyone will use it and take your base. Please send a private message via support form in header.

advertisement not really lost it...

I'm not sure what's lost from your post - but if lost account - send info via support form:
-Your base name, level, corporation and we will restore it for you.

my account

My base gembelsugeh182 level 96

My corporation black empire

iklanya sekarang kok hilang ya...

Please comment in English

In order to apologize for the 3 days of technical issues, we are going to do the following:

- All the players who lost their daily rewards during the days of technical issues, will have them restored from the day of loss;

- All corporations who finished 2nd in corporate wars will receive the reward for 1st place too;

- Each player will be granted 100 crystals and 100 antimatter from the dev team.

We are truly sorry and thank you for understanding!